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Dunfermline (Pot Still)

Dunfermline (Pot Still)

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The cane plant, rum’s primary raw ingredient, is the natural source of its flavour. Thus the land on which it grows & its microclimate determines its character. Therefore we choose to explore the terroirs of Grenada - one place, one farm, at a time: captured here as fresh, vibrant spirit before cask ageing.

Ascending into the mountains of st. Andrew, on the island’s north-eastern coast, nestles Dunfermline – once a venerable distillery lost to Hurricane Ivan, where for centuries its clay loam has been conducive to cane cultivation. For this rum we harvested the sucrose-rich variety we call Lacalome Red from Anderson’s field, which stands on the terroir known as Mango Lane.

The modern marvel that is the Renegade Rum distillery was designed precisely to extol this individuality, with extended temperature-controlled fermentation for purity, & considered distillation for gravitas. We look to compare & contrast natural flavours, terroir by terroir. It is presented pre-cask: as unaged, fresh cane juice spirit.

Pure cane, real provenance, terroir-driven, considered distillation: rum au naturel.

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