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Études: Pearls

Études: Pearls

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On the coastal plain, a stone's throw south of the distillery, there is an intriguing terroir between mangrove and water meadow, with at its centre a distinctive bank of iron-rich volcanic laterite. Cane grows vigorously on this water-retentive soil, derived from Woburn & Perseverance Clays. For this rum we harvested the elegant variety we call yellow lady from the "grapefruit" field, which stands on the terroir known as Flats.

With a slight elevation in reference to the coast, the air that washes across Pearls is cool. This, in conjunction with a swamp touching the base of the farm, allows for a rich maintenance of water-retained soil. Amidst the towering palm trees, Pearls has been planted with the varieties of Yellow Lady and Lacolome Red.


All cane, real provenance, terroir-driven, considered distillation: rum au naturel.

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