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Études: Old Bacolet

Études: Old Bacolet

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On the southern coast, protected from the full force of The Atlantic Trade Winds, Old Bacolet was one of the first areas to be cultivated by the French. A flat flood plain between two small rivers, these alluvial soils - Plains Clay Loam & Woburn Clay - & a high water table produce lush cane. For this rum we harvested the quick growing  variety we call Lodger from Theo's field Which stands on the terroir known as Silk Cotton Tree.

All cane, real provenance, terroir-driven, considered distillation: rum au naturel.

The rum offers vivid, fresh citrus fruit and bright spices, which carry over notes of silky, indulgent vanilla custard, buoyed by an unctuous spirit texture.

Whiskyfun: "... enthusiasts often find rums that have been through column stills a bit thin, but that's far from the case here. This is another excellent Renegade. 89 points"


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