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Études: New Bacolet

Études: New Bacolet

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More rugged than nearby Old Bacolet, the natural amphitheatre of New Bacolet is a southerly-facing, steep-sided, sun-baked bowl with drought resistant cane on weathered upper slopes and lush growth on the deeper, rich colluvial soils below – a textbook exploration of terroir. For this rum we harvested the sucrose-rich variety we call Lacalome Red from the "Goat hill" field, which stands on the terroir known as Upper Combe.

New Bacolet is enclosed and sheltered by a forest at its north, and slopes down towards the south. Being based along a mountainside, steeper than most of our farms, the excavation of the land was the most difficult. Four terroirs were identified over 10 acres, and we initially planted the varieties of Yellow Lady and Lacalome Red. 


All cane, real provenance, terroir-driven, considered distillation: rum au naturel.

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